Christmas Gift Guide 2020: Shopping for Hikers and Backpackers

CLICK HERE FOR FULL VIDEO! Shopping for hikers or backpackers is often difficult because their gear is so specialized. Unless you are told precisely what to get, you stand a good chance of making a mistake. Here I go over some gift ideas that most any hiker or backpacker will like - but more importantly … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide 2020: Shopping for Hikers and Backpackers

My Backpacking Gear (Part 6): Pack Bags

While it is possible to go overboard on stuff sacks, with modern materials they barely add weight to your kit and can be very helpful for organizational efficiency. Here I review several lightweight backpacking stuff sacks, food / bear bags from cheapos to top-notch cottage industry UL bags. FULL VIDEO HERE!

My “Big 3” (Part 2): Shelter

The "Big 3" are big/heavy/expensive items in a backpacker's kit - namely, the backpack, shelter, and sleep system. In this - the second of my "My Gear" series - I will go over shelter considerations and give short reviews of my main tents: the deluxe Mountain Hardware Light Wedge 3 and the budget-friendly 3F UL … Continue reading My “Big 3” (Part 2): Shelter

Esee’s Warranty is Legit!

I just wanted to say that Esee's No-Questions-Asked-Warranty is LEGIT! I broke my Izula II doing something stupid when I made my review video, mailed it in on the 3rd, and got a replacement on the 8th. Quality customer service still exists! If you're looking for a good strap/neck knife, this little baby is amazing: … Continue reading Esee’s Warranty is Legit!