Airline Hacks for Backpacks

Whether you're flying out to start a major thru hike or walk the Camino de Santiago, there are several opportunities for losing your backpacking gear. Here I break down the three major stages of airline boarding, and offer some tips as to how to navigate each one successfully. Click HERE for full video!

State of My Camino Address

Happy Blogoversary! Wow, it does NOT seem like a year since I started planning to walk the Camino and started this blog to keep me focused and motivated. Looking back, I can see that I have learned a lot and made a lot of plan changes since then! Here are some of the significant ones. … Continue reading State of My Camino Address

Beware the Camino Cops!

For some time now, I've been involved in a (mostly) great Camino Facebook group dedicated to helping people prepare for their Camino. It's full of (mostly) helpful folks, and I thought that posting my preparation "vlog" via my YouTube channel would be a welcome addition. And for quite some time it was - I gained … Continue reading Beware the Camino Cops!

How To Map Your Hikes / Runs / Walks

Well this was kind of fun. Did an experimental "RELIVE" video today at lunch. It's not too difficult once you get all your accounts and devices linked. Check it out HERE. How To Use the RELIVE App Step 1: Download the free Relive app and set up an account. You could just use this app … Continue reading How To Map Your Hikes / Runs / Walks

Lightening Pack Weight for the Camino

In my quest for an enjoyable Camino experience, I have continued to adjust my packing strategy. After my Ultralight Camino thought experiment (video HERE), I determined that a realistic base weight (gear weight minus worn or consumable items) could be around 10 pounds and still provide an acceptable amount of comfort. My pack weight right … Continue reading Lightening Pack Weight for the Camino