Review Requests

If you are a manufacturer / seller and wish me to review one of your products, you can reach me at If you choose to do, so I will assume you have read and understand the following policies.

Product Attainment

  • I do not promise positive reviews in exchange for free gear or other compensation.
  • I will not buy products for reimbursement.
  • I will disclose that I was provided gear for review from the company.

Product Reviews

  • I review all gear honestly regardless of how I attain it.
  • If I cannot in good conscience give a positive review, I will contact you privately with my feedback.

Amazon Reviews

YouTube Review Videos

  • I will only do a gear review video on YouTube if I think it will be useful to my subscribers.
  • If I do a video review, it will take time to fairly test the gear and fit it in my schedule.